Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011

Matt took Connor on his eight year old trip. We have made a tradition that each child get to do a trip with just them and Dad. Connor wanted to go to Disney Land. This worked out because dad had business to do there.

Connor had a fun day hanging out with our good friends that live in sunny California.  

My boys like turkey legs. YUM!!!
While dad and coo nor were playing at disneyland we went to Zoo lights with grandma.

4th grade ski field trip Braden is taring it up on the mountain

He and his buddies in the top ski group. 

after the school kids left Braden and I had fun time together on the mountain

We always love getting in the hot tub after a good day on the mountain.
So fun to have a favorite little neighbor join us.

Rex Family Christmas Party.
Grandma Pam made UTE and Cougar PJ's 

The girls got cup cake PJ's and a matching set for their American girl Dolls

We Got free tickets to BYU basketball game and TJ was the only one who would go with me.
I love my little sport Fan.
Christmas Eve Sledding with Grandpa Rex.

Got to love sledding in the man made snow. We still had fun with the family.
Austin Family Christmas Eve Party.
The girls.
The boys  Opening Presents
The Dad's

Christmas Morning

TJ and Dad built the Black Pearl out lego's
took a few days and lots of patients and love

 American Girl Doll Photo shoot :) 

Taco Amigo  with the cousins

Ski Day during the school break

Good time skiing/ snowboarding with the cousins.

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